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On Sunday, June 20th, an EF-3 tornado tore its way through the Little Pops Neighborhood just blocks from our pizzeria.  Many families are living in temporary housing, hotels, or within damaged homes that are still inhabitable which makes meals a priority. We are working within our impacted neighborhoods to deliver water, gloves, other needed supplies, doughnuts, and plenty of pizzas. Here's how you can get invovled:

LITTLE POPS GIFT CARDS & 100% MATCH: Our plan is to put a substantial Little Pops gift card into the hands of each displaced and impacted family. If you'd like to help out and offer a little slice of hope, you can donate a gift card ($50 minimum, no max) and we'll match that amount 100%. We'll also include your family's name on the envelope containing the gift card which the family will receive. So, if you donate a $100 gift card, that family will receive a $200 gift card with our match... a $250 gift card donation will result in a $500 gift card with the match (etc.). If interested, give us a call here in the Little Pops Naperville Neighborhood at (630) 210-8084 and ask for a manager.

DONATE A "SLICES OF HOPE" PIZZA: Donate $10 and you can sponsor an 18" Slices of Hope Pizza which we'll continue to bring to the impacted neighborhoods to feed volunteers, public crews, and families in the days and weeks ahead. You'll also be recognized online as a "Slices of Hope" Neighborhood Hero. Based on changing needs, these donations may also be used for trays of pasta/entrées and salads. If interested, give us a call at (630) 210-8084.


Mike & Vicki

Austin, Preston, and Autumn

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