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(as of 10/1/21)

On Sunday, June 20th, an EF-3 tornado tore its way through the Little Pops Neighborhood just blocks from our pizzeria.  The very next day, we began our Slices of Hope efforts to provide love, support, food, and anything else we could to help the impacted families working alongside Bike Bald Group.  


The Little Pops Neighborhood quickly got involved in donating $10 to sponsor an 18" pizza which were given out to impacted families, first responders, and volunteers as well as a dollar-for-dollar match on Little Pops Gift Cards to help ensure food was the least of these family's worries as they began putting their lives back together... a process that will last well into 2022 and beyond. 

Here's what we've done so far:

PIZZA DONATIONS:  We received and have given out $18,670 in pizza donations (see above)

GIFT CARDS:   We've given out over $10,000 in Little Pops Gift Cards with donor names on each card to impacted families based on $17,160 in donations with a combined match from Little Pops of $17,160 bringing the total to $34,120.  We remain active on the ground and our distribution will continue into 2022 until gift card has been given out. 

Our love, thanks, appreciation, and gratitude to the Little Pops Neighborhood!

Mike & Vicki

Austin, Preston, and Autumn

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