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Great job Sleuths! You successfully scanned the secret mystery code and have arrived inside Mystery Detective HQ.

Scroll for your chance to win

a FREE 18" Specialty Pizza of the Month


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Secret Message from the Mystery Detective

How could a pizza with no sauce be delicious? With all that delicious seasoned ricotta and mozzarella cheese, word on the street is the White Pizza is one of the most popular specialty pizzas at Little Pops and, you guessed, Mike and Vicki is giving away a FREE 18" White Pizza this month. 


To enter for your chance to win, simply complete the Little Pops Mystery Code Challenge form below with your response to the following question:

Q. TRUE or FALSE? The White Pizza get's it's name because instead of pizza sauce, it is topped with minced garlic, olive oil, mozzarella cheese, and a special seasoned ricotta blend.

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Great Work Mystery Sleuth!

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