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Welcome Sleuths! You've Entered the Little Pops Mystery QR Code

Win Your Choice of a Calzone, Stromboli, or Specialty Roll

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Secret Message from Mike & Vicki

Greetings and salutations from yours truly, the Mystery Detective.  Word on the street is Mike and Vicki are diving deep into the menu down at the Little Pops Neighborhood to give you a chance to win your choice of a calzone, Stromboli, or specialty roll.   


To enter for your chance to win, simply complete the Little Pops Mystery Code Challenge form below with your response to the following questions:

Q1. Which one originated in Naples and is an oven-baked folded dough stuffed with mozzarella & seasoned ricotta cheese... the calzone, the Stromboli, or the Specialty Roll

Q2. Which one would you most like to win? 

Mystery Code Icon.png
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Great Work Mystery Sleuth!

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